Catering & Flowers

For Flowers to Dress Your Function:

South Brent Flowers, 6 Church Street, South Brent, TQ10 9AB

Telephone 01364 72751 or visit 

To Cater For Your Function:

Two Good Cooks:-  Anna Stewart and Tara Vaughan-Hughes

South Brent

Tel: 01364 72789 / 01364 649097



Royal Oak Public House, Station Road, South Brent, TQ10 9

Contact Andrew or Carol Doree on 01364 72133 or visit

The Rowan Tree Cafe & Bakery, 3 Station Road, South Brent,

Contact Donna @ 01364 73004 or 07572 431697


Taryn Jenkinson, Catering for all occasions, 85 Brakefield, South Brent

Tel no. 07428084010. Email:

Delicious Dartmoor: Contact Dawn on 01364 73211 or 07807 302858

Web Site:

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